Silly Questionnaire

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Expected duration of stay (required)
 2 days 5 days 10 days 14 days

Preferred accommodation
 The floor of a Monastery Cheap guesthouse 3 Star hotel 5 Star with swimming pool

Preferred motorbike size
 125cc 250cc 500cc 600cc

If you were to spend 6 hours riding a motorbike would it be:
 on a twisty road in the jungle

Put these in order of preference, 1 to 10

Watching the sunset

Breaking land speed record


Beer/snooker/pool hall

Watching the sunrise

50 Mile detour to go to a wedding uninvited

Veggie burger

Hiking/jogging through the jungle

Canoeing/rafting through the jungle down rapids

Grasshopper burger without the bread

Your experience with riding motorcycles:
 1 hour 1 week 1 month 1 year and above

Please grade the following films/movies (5=Fantastic 1=Terrible)

Easy Rider

Gone in 60 secs

Life of Brian

Closer to the Edge

Gone with the Wind


You've been searching for your bike keys in your hotel room for 2hrs and everyone is waiting for you - what do you do?
 Hotwire the motorbike Empty the minibar Ask others to help you Throw the TV out of the hotel window Find the keys in the bike Get on the first flight out of there Buy a Brough Superior and forget all about it

For the next 5 years you're going to ride around the world with Ewan Macgregor. What would you take?

Music (1 album)




Last Question. How old are you?
 Young Feel under 18 Fossil What was the question?