Explore Myanmar with Myanmar Motorcycles

Come and find out why we love Myanmar so much and explore the country in the best, in fact the only, way to see it properly - on a motorcycle. From our base in Mandalay we'll take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the Myanmar. We've explored the whole country and have gathered up all the essential information on how to gain access to difficult locations, when to go, where to stay and how to meet the people. We have bikes of all engine sizes suitable for all builds of people. If you're an experienced Myanmar traveller you may want to go off on your own, but we recommend a guided tour, with one of our tour leader / mechanics as a more enjoyable and reliable way, especially if you have time constraints.

Myanmar Motorcycle Tours

Our tours include everything from the Soft 4 day tour around the north of Myanmar to the Serious Long Haul Numb A, which is 14 days. See details of our tours here. The tours will take you to an incredible variety of stunning locations throughout Myanmar including Nagaland on the Indian border, historical sites such as Bagan, Inle Lake, the Beaches of the south, Pindiya, Kalaw, Mingun, and mountain villages not found on any map. To help you enjoy all of this our guide Jay will provide all the local knowledge, choicest accommodation and cold beer you need.

Prepare for Your Trip to Myanmar

Since each tour is different and some tours even cross the border into Thailand and back the amount of preparation required can vary. Please get in touch early so that we can arrange everything in time for your visit to Myanmar and make it the most unforgettable experience of your riding life.